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6 Creative Ways to Fund Your Fashion Business – Online Workshop, Tuesday, May 13, 7pm (Est). For more info and registration CLICK HERE.

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Human B is a full service consulting and management company for the fashion industry. We provide fashion business consulting, development and production services for emerging designers and established brands.

Whether you have an idea for a fashion brand and don’t know where to start or already in business, we will help you turn your fashion vision into a successful fashion business!

We work with emerging brands, Indie designers and fashion entrepreneurs, providing them with services to start, build and grow their fashion brand.  Business consulting, sourcing materials, developing patterns and samples as well as production management.

We believe that each brand has intangible quality and unique edge that requires special attention, therefore we tailor our services around your product and business concept. We love what we do and we have the tools, people and nearly 20 years experience to help you plan and execute a strategy that will make yours stand out in the market place. 

Why do it on your own when you can have experts who have done it many time before do it with you. Contact us now and take the first steps in executing your creative ideas and business goals.

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